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Among Indian non veg recipes, Keema Matar is a gem. Mincemeat green peas curry is a spiced North Indian style dish that goes well with pulao, rice or roti.


popular in the Middle East , Central Asia , and the Indian subcontinent . to region, it always includes wheat , barley , lentils and meat .

Goat Curry RecipeGoat Curry Recipe – Around The World in 80 Dishes
Chef Eve Felder of The Culinary Institute of America demonstrates how to prepare Spain's most famous rice dish, including cutting the meat, preparing the sofrito, and finally cooking the rice.

Rick Stein's perfect Indian recipes, on Mon, 29 Jul 2013 15:45:14 -0700
"A curry has become a generic term that describes any food from the Indian sub-continent," he says, "but really, it's a spicy meat or vegetable stew with lots of gravy. It's a wet dish too; there are only a few dry curries in India." Rick's quest

Keema, Matar, Aloo: Minced Meat with Peas and Potatoes | eCurry …
Keema-matar-Aloo-5.jpg – Minced meat with peas and potatoes. This is another popular Indian recipe. Minced meat is cooked in a spiced and fragrant sauce along with the fresh green peas. Summer holidays are here!

The Exquisite World of Indian Cuisine
Uma Aggarwal, published 2009, 480 pages

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